My name is Adam and I am the chief engineer of the wall printer machine. Now, I am working for DXonJet Printer Company.  which is the most professional manufacturer of wall printer in China.

We sell wall printer overseas, and that is a lie if some Chinese told you they are our representative in China. 

I have been developing and producing wall printers since 2011. I have witnessed the scale of this industry growing from small to large, and the wall printer system from unstable to stable.

If you want to buy a wall printer machine with good quality, after-sale guarantee, and a reasonable price, please take a few minutes to read this article. I will explain the advantages and disadvantages of this machine and the complete development process of the wall printer industry from the most objective point of view. 

You need 5 minutes to read this article, which contents are including:

  1. The Differences Between Wall Printer And Digital Inkjet Printer
  2. The Origin of Wall Painting Machine And Its development in China
  3. Why We Can Successfully Develop The Wall Printer
  4. The More Expensive The Printhead, The Better?
  5. To buy A Cheaper Wall Printer, You Will Buy Twice.
  6. What Are Water-Based Wall Printer And UV Wall Printer?
  7. How To Choose The Best Quality of UV Wall Printer
  8. How To Choose The Right Chinese Manufacturer of Wall Printer

The Differences Between Wall Printer And Digital Inkjet Printer

In theory, the wall printer is also a kind of digital inkjet printer. And the wall printer is improved on the principle of the digital inkjet printer machine. But there are many differences between them.

If you use the set of standards for a digital inkjet printer to measure wall printers, there would be a big misunderstanding.  Let me explain it.

The Same Parts of Vertical Wall Printer With A Digital Inkjet Printer

 1. The printheads

The printhead is a printer component that helps transfer ink onto the page. It does this by firing tiny droplets of ink via numerous printer nozzles to create the desired print. When one of these nozzles gets clogged your prints appear faded or streaky.
—From Google

DX7 Micro Piezo Printing Head
DX7 Micro Piezo Printing Head

 2. RIP software

RIP (Raster Image Processor) Software 
The RIP software processes multiple content types for a specific print environment and communicates that processed data to the printer for final output. RIP software enables handling many file types and file sizes.—From Google

The Different Parts of Wall Printer With Digital Inkjet Printer Machine

The Different Printing Direction

The digital inkjet printer jets ink drops vertically downwards. While the wall printer changes the direction of the print head so that the direction of jetting ink drops becomes horizontal and forward.
Please don’t underestimate the change in direction of printing. This little change will have many NEW requirements for the control board, ink, and printhead. Which will affect the quality of printing, maintenance, etc…

The Different Requirements for The Working Environment

The digital inkjet printers are generally indoors, and they need to work within a certain temperature range. The working rooms will be equipped with air-conditioning to ensure that they work in a constant temperature environment.
But, the working environment of the wall printer is very complicated. Both indoor and outdoor, different temperatures, different levels of winds, and dust will all have a great impact on the wall printer.

The Different Working Method

When the digital inkjet printer is working, the main body of the machine does not move, only the head and roller move. This working method makes the body very stable, so the carriage speed of the printer can be very quick, In order to improve the efficiency of printing.
While the wall printer is completely different. When the wall printer is working, the main body of the machine is moving. Because the wall does not move, and the carriage speed of the wall printer (that is, the speed of the upper and lower rails) cannot be adjusted.

If the carriage speed is adjusted very fast, there will be 2 very bad situations:
1. The machine head is easy to hit the wall, which the print head would be damaged;
2. The whole machine will jitter, and the printing effect becomes worse.

The Origin of Wall Painting Machine And Its Development in China

The wall printing machine originated in Japan in 2006, the company called LAC created the vertical wall printer.

In 2009, a few Chinese people developed this wall printer in Beijing, the capital city of China. At that time, they used the thermally foamed printhead which used on the 750 model printer. (this kind of print head is very cheap in China, the price about 10 US dollars. One print head can print for single color, 4 printheads for CMYK ).

The print head can still work for a period of time although they are so cheap, it is very fragile when used on a wall printer.  Sometimes you even didn’t finish the picture, one of the print heads could be broken, and it is difficult for you to use such a machine to print a complete large-format painting. 

At that time, many customers in China could not use the wall printer to do large-format paintings. So the reputation of wall printer machines at that time in China was very poor.

In 2011, my partner and I bought a wall printer from one company to learn. At that time, the printing direction of the wall printer machine was all left and right, and the maximum width of the printed image was 1.8 meters.
If you want to print a 3-meter wide picture, you can only divide the image into 2 parts to print, which will have a big flaw. For technical reasons, there will be traces when the pictures are stitched, which will seriously affect the quality of the picture.

Why We Can Successfully Develop The Wall Printer

The reason is there was a team in China that specialized in researching and developing the control system of the wall printer.

The team has been developing the control system for inkjet printers since 2009. So as long as you can find them, you can get the control system to produce the wall printer machine. And only them has the source code of the wall printer’s control system, he can authorize you to produce this machine.

Until 2018, there were only 4 manufacturers of wall printers in China. The first one was established in 2009, the second one was established in 2011, the third one was established in 2013, and the last one was established in 2017.

The company was established in 2017, and there is no essential difference in technology between the three previously established companies. Because they are all using the company’s control system technology.

But, now the company has upgraded all control systems, and all his companies are now technically ahead of other companies a lot. 

Let me continue my narration: With further improvement of the wall printer control system, we can finally use Epson’s piezoelectric print head. This has made our machine a big step forward and finally can print large-scale images for a long time. The appearance and structure of the machine have also been improved.
So that the width of the picture no longer limits us. Because usually, the height of the wall is limited, we don’t need to print a picture that is too tall in most cases, but we often need to print a picture with a larger width.

The More Expensive The Printhead, The Better?

It’s not that expensive print heads are good, but also need to test the suitability of the print heads.

Because Epson did not develop print heads specifically for wall printers, these print heads were developed by Epson for Digital inkjet printers, so we have to test which one is suitable for wall printers.

After 3 years of testing, we found that there are two Epson piezoelectric print heads that are very suitable for wall printers. The first one is more suitable for water-based inks, and the other one is more suitable for UV inks.

To Buy The Cheaper Wall Printer, You Will Buy Twice.

In 2016, China’s wall printing industry entered a period of explosive growth, which lasted until 2018. After 2018, many people want to enter this industry for a good profit. They have had thought of many ways, like various piracy control systems, and piracy control software.

Shenzhen, One of the most modern cities in China, a great place. There are lots of amazing people there. They can install Apple’s IOS system on their Android cellphones, and their imitating ability is unparalleled.
But they are not omnipotent, they can only imitate the appearance, not core technology.
Therefore, Android phones with Apple’s iOS system cannot be used for a long time, and the wall printers they imitated cannot work stably.
Because wall printers need many years of industry experience to do it well, if you have no experience, you will encounter many unsolvable problems. But they will use very low prices to attract you to buy their machines.

In China, many people are deceived.  Once their machines have problems and they can’t solve it by themselves.
This makes the wall printer machine looks like a disposable consumable. With good luck, it can be used for a longer time. But if you got bad luck, you can’t continue working if it breaks once in a short time.
Even during the warranty period, they cannot replace the control system for you free of charge, because they are bought by other suppliers at a very high price. So they are often brought to court by Chinese customers.
Then you will find a very strange phenomenon. Companies that sell Shenzhen machines in China often change their company names and contact information. If you are a customer for them and outside of China,  I can only say sorry to you.
It is very possible that your plane ticket is more expensive than the machine’s value. I also met some customers who bought their machines, some from Australia, someone from Egypt, and some from India.

What Are Water-Based Wall Printer And UV Wall Printer?

  • There are two main types of wall printers nowadays. One is the wall printer uses water-based pigment ink, and the other is the UV wall printers.

  • Wall printers with water-based pigment ink can only print on water-absorbent materials, not on glass, iron sheet, and other non-absorbent materials.
    Don’t be fooled by some bad sales. Sometimes they will show you a video of a wall printer with water-based pigment ink printed on the glass, which can be easily wiped. 

Before you buy a wall printer with water-based ink, you must figure out whether the wall paint used in your country is close to the one used in China.
Because the manufacturers of wall printer machines are all in China, they all use Chinese wall coating for testing, which is very likely not applicable in your country.
According to my experience, wall coatings in Europe and America can be cleaned with water, so their wall coatings are all highly waterproof.
Wall printers with water-based inks are not suitable for use in America and Europe, especially in the restaurant.
In the Middle East countries, Asian and Southeast Asian countries, water-based inks can be used, and their wall paints are similar to those in China.
For wall printers with water-based inks, I suggest that you buy them in China because the formula of these inks has been improved after about 6 years, and you cannot buy suitable inks outside of China.
Chinese inks are very cheap, but the shipping costs are very high.
It is recommended that you buy more inks when you buy the printer, which will reduce the cost of shipping.  Shipping costs are always more expensive than the value of ink.

I suggest that if you can buy a wall printer, try to buy a wall printer with UV ink.
Although it will be more expensive, the performance is more comprehensive and can meet the printing needs of a variety of materials. What’s more, You can buy UV ink in your local from other ink suppliers. 

How To Choose The Best Quality of UV  Wall Printer

First of all, to check if this UV wall printer has white ink. The most important reason why our clients choose a UV printer is to print on any material surfaces.
For example, if you want to print a white cloud on a red door, if your printer does not have white ink, how do you print the white cloud? We know that all colors except white can be composed of CMYK. Only white has no CMYK components, so white ink must exist alone.

2. Check whether the UV printer can print white images separately. That is, this picture has only a single white pattern and no other colors. 

3. Check UV lamps: There are two kinds of UV lamps on the wall printer, one is a water-cooled lamp UV lamp, the other is an air-cooled UV lamp;
A water-cooled UV lamp is cheaper and simple in structure.
You will find 2 water pipes next to the UV lamp, which is used to circulate water to cool the UV lamp. This water-cooled system is mainly used on a UV flatbed printer, but they are gradually being eliminated because its advantages are only cheap
But there are many disadvantages, such as the volume is too large for transport.

If it is relatively large, the UV light emitted by it will easily spread out and not condense the light, which would easily cause damage to the print head.
Water-cooled UV is not suitable for wall printers. Because of its large size, it is not easy to transport.
There is another very important thing: if you use the machine outdoors, the outdoor temperature is 30 degrees, when your machine starts to work for a while After a time, the temperature of the water in the UV lamp water tank will be higher than 30 degrees. Do you think water higher than 30 degrees can play a cooling role? This is simply impossible.

Air-cooled UV lamp: The air-cooled UV lamp is small in size and easy to carry. There is only one control line for the lamp head. The light is more concentrated and will not damage the print head.
However, the price of the air-cooled UV lamp will be more expensive. Therefore, the manufacturers that use air-cooled UV lamps on wall printers are all conscientious manufacturers. At least they all know the disadvantages of water-cooled UV lamps and know how to avoid the problems for customers.

On the wall printer with Epson print head, try to choose one print head that can print the 5 colors of CMYK+W, because if you have one more print head, you will have to maintain the print head. 

If it is wall printer machine with 2 print heads, please confirm that each of them can print CMYK full color. What’s more, each of them can work alone if the other was broken.
In addition, in the control software, the parameters of these two nozzles can also be adjusted. And this is the method to tell the lies of multiply printhead on wall printers.

How To Choose The Right Chinese Manufacturer of Wall Printer 

  1. Most of the companies selling wall printers in China are trading companies, and there are no R&D and technical engineers who can provide you with high-quality technical support.
  2. Chat with the technical engineer of the supplier, it is best to be able to communicate continuously for 2-3 days. If the engineer is not working for a trading company, then he will not chat with you sincerely, he will be half-hearted. After you buy the printer, you will not get good technical service.
  3. It is strange that in China, some companies only sell wall printers for foreign countries and never sell them in China. But the Chinese market is very large. Our company sells more than 600 units in China a year. In my understanding, they cannot provide Chinese customers with high-quality products and high-quality after-sales service.
  4. As far as I know, there are no more than 6 manufacturers of wall painting machines in China. So it is very easy to judge whether your supplier is a manufacturer. Just ask him to show you their patents, trademarks, and CE certificates in China. Check whether their company name matches the name on the file. You can also video call with them and talk to their engineers. Please remember that this engineer must be able to serve you in the future.
  5. There are free spare parts for the wall painter, so please make sure with the seller. 
  6. The wall printer is not a commodity such as a mobile phone. It is not something you can use when you get the goods. You need professional personnel to train you, tell you how to use it, and tell you how to maintain the machine, so that you can use the machine correctly.


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