25.10.2020. UV Wall Printer Upgrades.

All the UV wall printers can be upgraded to the lasted version software, which will significantly improve your printing quality.

01.11.2020. PhotoPrint RIP Software Available

All wall printers can be installed by PhotoPrint RIP Software as optional. If you need it, contact your engineer.

12.03.2021 Ink Level Alarm Tank is Available

UV wall printer has equipped with the ink level alarm tank. 5 ink tanks, 260ml each. White ink will be with the stirrer.

12.04.2021 The World’s First Floor Printer is Ready

The Floor Printer can print directly on the ground. Check more: 3D parking spot printer machine

Jan.14th, 2022 The latest LED UV Wall Printer “T series” has been released

T series is the most portable UV wall printer HKHR tech has been made. It can be split into 6 parts and each one is no more than 15kg. What’s more, it also combined the rails driving system and wheel driving system in one model. Introducing the “T series” UV wall printer



For technical support, please contact our engineer Adam:
For sales inquiry, please contact our sales director Alex:


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Everything You should Know About Wall Printer

The Ultimate Guide For How to Choose the Best Wall Printing Machine

Please take 5 minutes to check this article, and you will get well know about wall printer:

Everything you should know about the wall printer.

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Support SAi FlexiPrint RIP Software

We can pre-installed the US PhotoPrint RIP software for all UV printers and water-based ink printers.

After printing tests and calibration curves, the output ink quality of all series of HKHR wall printers has been significantly improved.

Language: English, Portuguese, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Danish, Finnish, Russian

CMYK+White Can Print on Any Color Background Surfaces

Our UV printer uses 5 basic colors of CMYK+White, which can print on dark background walls (such as gray, blue, black, etc.).

At the same time, it can also print white colors independently, which is more suitable for some special scenes.

How to Unpack & Assemble & Operate The Wall Printer

We have packed 6 UV wall printing machines in the factory. Three of them were sent to the United States. The unboxing video was shot and edited in the United States.

This video also shows how to operate our wall printer.

UV wall printing on Steel wall

High Resolution Printing

All series of our wall printers support up to 16pass, 2880dpi printing resolution.

The original scene of the picture is vividly restored, which is full of praise.

Portable UV Wall Printer–The Best Selling Wall Printer

You can choose a wheeled wall printer. It can move on its own automatically and can be applied to flat indoor floors.

Equipped with height-adjustable guide rails, allowing you to print easily outdoors. Disassembly, transportation, and installation are very convenient, 10 minutes is enough! (TWP is our distributor for North America)

<<—Watch the video tutorial for taking down and setting up the Wheeled UV wall printer

You will Never Be worried About Power Cut and Sudden Accidents for stopping Printing

We have developed the power-off supplement function.

It allows you to set up the software to continue to finish your work next time when power is lost, raining, and various emergency situations have to be suspended.

There is no need to return the guide rail to its original position, it can be completed by software and laser calibration.

Check the supplement tutorial —->>

Amazing Stitching Ability Allows You to Print Murals Up to 10 Meters High

Excellent expansion performance.

We can customize the vertical rail of the wall printing machine for you to adapt to the indoor height of different countries.

At the same time, we can add an extension rod for you to obtain a one-time printing height of up to 3 meters.

And through powerful operating software, you can use stitching technology to obtain larger-format pictures.

Four Printheads and The Fastest Wall Printing Speed You Have Never Seen

The water-based model of wall printer machine is equipped with up to 4 Epson print heads, each of which works independently and can print 80m2 per hour in the 2 Pass mode.

Such an amazing high-speed printing technology is already ranked first in the world in the field of vertical inkjet printers.

UV Curing System with Air-Cooled UV Lamp

We equipped the UV wall printers with an air-cooled LED UV lamp, the UV beam is more concentrated, and the volume of the lamp is 80% less than that of the water-cooled UV lamp.

At the same time, the UV curing effect is more efficient, suitable for printing on various materials. Such as walls of any material, metal, glass, wood, canvas, plastic, ceramic tiles, etc.

DX7 Printhead for UV wall printer

The Seventh-Generation EPSON Micro-Piezo Printhead

We use high-quality EPSON micro-piezo print heads for all series of printers. We refuse to use cheap, inferior, and second-hand EPSON print heads.

Because we know that the quality of the nozzle directly affects the printing effect and the life of the wall printer.

High-Quality and Stable Components

We use 3 independent power supplies to avoid interference; The frame uses high-quality steel to increase its rigidity and precision; At the same time, we use large wheels to increase precision and anti-skid. . .

We only purchase top-quality accessories to provide customers with safe, assured, durable products, and user experience.

Check the Wall Printer Machine Installation Tutorial —>>

Save Your Time, Save Your Money

The white skip function can quickly improve your printing efficiency!

Only the colored areas are printed. And the white area, the print head no longer scans to save time.

Watch carefully at the end printing for the tail, the printhead just prints the area for the tail, not scan other white areas.

Eco-friendly ink

Our printer uses environmentally friendly and durable highly colored pigment ink, which can be used in any scene.

Dans le même temps, vous pouvez acheter des encres d’imprimante de haute qualité adaptées à nos machines dans le monde entier.

Wall Printing Mural
American Banner ultrasonic sensors

Système de suivi pour garder la bonne distance par rapport au mur

Toute la série de nos imprimantes murales est équipée de deux capteurs à ultrasons American Banner afin que la tête d’impression puisse imprimer sur des surfaces courbes et inégales.

Ce qui signifie qu’il peut suivre automatiquement le mur sans se soucier de la planéité du mur.

Fonction d’étalonnage laser manuel

le fonction d’étalonnage laser manuel permet de mieux appréhender l’état de la machine.

Venez suivre l’objectif et visiter notre usine

Nous sommes une entreprise de technologie d’impression verticale avec des capacités de R&D. Nous ne sommes pas une société commerciale ou une société de montage pour l’imprimante murale .

Vous méritez d’avoir une garantie après-vente professionnelle.

Brevets et certifications

Nous avons les certifications et brevets les plus complets, deux brevets d’invention pour l’imprimante murale et 8 autres brevets.

De plus, nous avons un certificat CE, un certificat d’encre, etc. Nous faisons nos preuves par la force et le service, pas par des mots de vente.

motherboard for UV flatbed printer

Capacité de R&D

All the PCB motherboards for wall printer and programming systems for wall printers are developed by us, so our machine update iteration is very fast.

Le support après-vente est plus pratique et il n’est pas nécessaire de contacter le fournisseur de la carte mère pour résoudre les questions des clients.

La carte mère et le programme sont très stables. Comme nous approvisionnons le marché des imprimantes à jet d’encre depuis plus de 10 ans.

Part de marché

Nous avons plus de 2000 clients en Chine, ce n’est qu’une partie de ces cas.

Concessionnaire et agents

Nous avons de très bons partenaires aux États-Unis, en Russie et en République tchèque. . .

—> Réseau de concessionnaires dans le monde

Nous fournissons des produits de haute qualité et des services fiables pour gagner de plus en plus de partenaires.

Vous aussi, vous souhaitez nous rejoindre ?

Test de vieillissement

Nous effectuerons un test de vieillissement de 24 heures pour toutes les imprimantes murales avant l’expédition, en nous assurant qu’elles sont toutes en bon état.

Garantie après-vente et support technique

Nous fournissons un garantie après-vente d’un an . Notre équipe après-vente a riche expérience , a servi le marché chinois pendant longtemps et peut parler un bon anglais. Ils peuvent résoudre les problèmes techniques pour vous via des appels vidéo.

Nous envoyons des accessoires via FedEx et DHL, et nous prendrons en charge le coût de la première année.

Nous contacter

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