We are the most professional manufacture of wall printer and floor printer in China. We have 8 Chinese patents including one invention patent.  We also have 3 US patents.

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Introducing the latest UV wall printer model, VPJet4.0: The best wall printer machine in the world

3 types of wall printers and 2 types of floor printers.

  1. K Series: the classic wall printer with the guide track

The K series of wall printers is a classic printer that we developed in 2016. This series of printers is currently used by over 1,000 clients in China.

It is a wall printer with the water-based ink system that can print on any water-absorbing vertical surface, such as cement walls, putty walls, plaster walls, shell powder walls, etc.

It’s great for printing outdoors, and the super solid track system provides stability for the machine to move. Not only that, the vertical rail can be extended up to 4 meters, and the height of a single print can be up to 3.5 meters.

Of course, it can also print indoors. If you need a water-based ink system wall printer that can resist strong winds and adapt to uneven outdoor surfaces, then the K series wall printer is the right choice for you.

We load up to 4 Epson printheads on the HK series CMYK water based-ink wall printer. At a print speed accuracy of 720*1440dpi, it can print 12 square meters per hour. Printing outdoors uses 720*1080dpi speed accuracy and can print up to 20 square meters per hour. Of course, you can also opt for the very cost-effective HK-K2, with two printheads.

      2. S Series: For printing any materials and be with CMYK+W 5 colors

The HKUV series of wall printers uses a UV system. It uses a UV LED light to dry UV ink directly on the surface of the object. As a result, the printed mural has a three-dimensional effect.

It can print on any material, including non-absorbent surfaces such as glass, plastic, tile, metal, etc.

Unlike water based ink system printers, UV printers are equipped with five basic pigments, CMYK+W, which can print on transparent glass and other materials to produce white color, as well as on dark surfaces, eliminating the need to print only on a white background.

The UV printer has an Epson DX7 printhead and can print to an accuracy of up to 2880dpi. UV ink is environmentally friendly and can be used in schools and hospitals. And alternative UV ink can be purchased worldwide.

       3. E Series: Portable wall printer with wheel

The E series wall printer is the portable wall printer we developed in 2019. It is suitable for printing indoors, as well as outdoors with a flat surface and no strong wind.

The E series printer is equipped with wheels for easy transportation, and the HK-E7 version is compact and light enough to fit directly in the trunk of a B-class car.

It has an Epson printhead and can be equipped with either a water-based ink system or a UV system.

      4. Floor Printer: directly print on the ground

FD series printers are floor printers. It can print directly on any floor material and is a printer with a UV system.

It has a standard print width of 1.8 meters and can be customized up to 3.5 meters wide. The print length is not limited. Through the OS software, images can be stitched together for a wider print range.