EPSON printhead mainboard

HK-EM UV flatbed printer Motherboard For Epson All series  printhead ( dx5 /dx7).

Up to 8 Epson printheads can be accessed to meet the needs of UV flatbed printers and other printing scenarios.

Why Us

HKHR Technologies has been developing motherboards and control systems based on Epson printheads since 2008. It has been widely used in various UV flatbed printers.

The company has absolute R&D technical ability and has developed vertical wall printers based on Epson sprinkler boards and control systems, which are currently selling well in China and the world.


  1. XYZ motion axis control
  2. Automatic height measurement
  3. Scalable motion axis control
  4. Emergency stop control
  5. UV curing control
  6. RS485 communication interface
  7. Optional ink supply control
  8. RS232 communication interface
motherboard for UV flatbed printer

Introduction to the Epson Printhead

Epson controls the deformation of the piezoelectric crystal through its unique micro-piezo printing technology, precisely controlling the size of the ink droplets, ensuring excellent printing accuracy, and the minimum ink droplets can reach 3.5 pl;

In the inkjet process, the print head does not require a heating process, so the chemical composition of the ink does not change, so that a single nozzle can maintain high frequency stability during operation, and the injection frequency of the micro-piezo nozzle is higher than that of the thermal foaming nozzle. The frequency is high, which directly increases the overall printing speed.


Outdoor advertising, indoor advertising, decorative painting, art painting, packaging printing, etc.

EPSON printhead mainboard