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How do I buy the automatic wall printing machine?

If you decide to buy, we will send you to order confirmation by Email or WhatsApp.

Thanks to our strong production capacity, as long as you pay all the money, we can send it in stock without waiting for scheduled production.

May I visit the factory?

Of course, we are very pleased to be able to invite you to visit our factory. We are honored to show you our R & D and production capacity.
Our factory is located in Beijing, China, only an hour’s drive from Beijing Airport. You can also visit our Nanjing office, which is responsible for overseas markets.
In addition, you can remotely watch our factory through the live broadcast feature of WhatsApp or WeChat.

How do I pay for it?

We accept international bank transfers and provide guarantees of confidence.

When will my wall painting machine arrive?

We have strong production capacity, in general, can be sent in stock.

Do you provide global delivery?

Yes, we offer global delivery.

How much is the shipping cost?

We can provide you with three forms of logistics services: land, sea, and air.
The specific price needs to be based on your geographical location after you confirm the order, the freight details will appear in the price list, you can confirm.

How do I order accessories and ink for the machine?

You can order through mail: info@wallpaintingmachine.com, and we will ship the goods to you as soon as possible.

How about taxes?

You shall pay the tariffs, taxes and other related expenses of the country in which you are located.

Do you have an operation manual?

Yes, we will give a random copy of the PDF version of the wall printer operation manual.
We will also give you an operation tutorial video.

What does the list of orders include?

The shipping list includes a wall printer, track bracket, and a set of given ink.

What is the 3D wall printing machine price, please?

You are welcome to send an email to info@wallpaintingmachine.com to inquire about the price, and we will quote you very quickly.

Wall Pen made in China is cheap but not of good quality, is it?

At present, there are many enterprises in the Chinese market to provide Wall printer machine products, but most manufacturers do not have R & D capacity and meet the requirements of the national production quality. So if you have bought a poor quality wall painting machine made in China or you have heard of such a Chinese machine, I am sorry that our compatriots have caused you trouble.
Fortunately, however, the HKHR Tech, you are learning is a leading Chinese automatic wall printing machine, our market in China has exceeded 50%, and we are still growing at a high speed.
We don’t provide OEM services, so someone claims to you that they are selling our machines. Please don’t believe them.
We promise you that we will provide the following services:
  1. Spot sale, no need to wait for the production.
  2. The machine runs steadily for a year, and our confidence comes from more than 1000 customer use cases in China.
  3. Provide 24H remote guidance services to help you troubleshoot questions and failures
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Can I disassemble and move?

Of course, it can be disassembled and moved, which is very convenient.

What is the wall painting machine total weight?

Rack weight 40 kg, track weight 40 kg, total 80kg.

What hardware are your wall printing robot using?

Epson industrial sprinkler
DC brushless servo motor
Hyperboloid Banner sensor
Aluminum-magnesium alloy frame structure
Specific hardware configuration you can browse the technical manual.

Do I need to be equipped with a professional voltage converter?

The wall printer machine supports 110V and 220V voltages. You can be equipped with transformers according to the local voltage.
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What background materials can be printed on?

Chinese Wallpen can be printed on any absorbent wall or paper, such as the putty wall, lime wall, etc.
The UV wall printing machine can painting on wall, like glass, tile, iron and other non-absorbent walls

What is the resolution of the print?


What format can you print?

Support for JPG, BMP, TIFF, PDF, AI, PSD, CDR, etc.

How long does the 3D automatic wall printing machine take to print the image?

According to the printing accuracy, the printing speed of the wall printer is also different.
The higher the precision, the slower the printing speed, and the printing speed is 3-15m2/h, 6-30m2/h, 12-80m2/h in general.

What kind of ink is used?

The wall vertical printer machine uses our special ink.
The ink is very suitable for machine use after debugging and testing. It is suggested that special ink should be used for printing.

How long does the ink last?

Indoor 15 years do not fade, outdoor 5 years do not fade.

How many square meters can a set of ink print?

A set of ink can print 200 square meters. The shelf life of ink is 24 months, and if you have already opened the seal, the shelf life of ink is about 12 months.

Can I replace other brands of ink?

It is not recommended to replace other brands of ink because of undebugged and calibrated ink prints out drawings that do not work best.

Is the printed picture resistant to ultraviolet radiation and durable?

Yes, it is resistant to ultraviolet light and durable.

May I reprint a picture?

Exactly. You can use latex paint to cover the original picture and then reprint it.

What software does the automatic wall drawing machine use?

The system software is windows 7, picture format conversion software is Meng Tai, machine control software is our own development of HKHR control software.

Is the assembly complicated?

Assembly is very simple, we have installation and assembly video tutorials.

Can I print text and logo?

Yes, absolutely.

Can I print it on the paper template?


How to operate the wall printing machine?

You can import the picture to the computer through the USB disk or hard disk, use Montai software to convert the picture into PRN format, then set the printing position through the HKHR control center software, and finally press the start key machine to start printing automatically.
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How long does it take to change the sprinkler?

Depending on your location, depending on the time of transportation, you can send us an email to purchase the print sprinkler.
You can also buy it locally, and we can tell you the brand and model of the print sprinkler.

How long can the wall printer sprinkler be used?

The wall printing sprinkler can continuously print 8000-10000 square meters.

Is there an insurance service?

I’m sorry. We don’t have an insurance service.

Is there a warranty?

We have a one-year warranty for the mainframe.

Do you have to pay for technical support?

You don’t have to pay any fees.

Where can I get technical support?

You can express your questions by email, and we will answer your questions.
You can also use the telephone, WhatsApp, WeChat and other software to communicate with our voice and video, we carry out remote technical support.


  1. Dear

    I am looking for a wall printer which can print in walls, glass, metal…for 9 feet height 10 feet width..I do business in Brunei.

  2. Hello, I have written you an email asking for information to buy your machine but I do not get a response …

  3. Hola,les escribo desde España,
    Que tipo de tintes se utilizan(marca, se puede comprar en España), el acabado es mate o brillante.Se puede limpiar una vez seco?.Cual es el tamaño maximo del dibujo?.Cuanto cuesta la maquina y los tintes?
    Huele?Sobre que superficie dura más el dibujo?
    Si se estropea alguna pieza como se cual es? y como se sustituyen?
    Muchas gracias

  4. Hello,
    Thanks you for this faq. Would like to know what is the margin (bottom, right, left, top) that machine can not print anything ?

  5. Does the wall needs to be completely flat ?
    i can see the printhead is quite close to printed surface . Are there any chances for the printhead to collide with the bricks/wall bumps etc ?


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