UV wall printer

The Universal UV Wall Printer[2022 Updatd]

How To Choose A Wall Printer That Suits You? Should you choose a printer with water-based ink or a UV-curable ink one? My suggestion is if your printing business involves many different printing materials, then you can choose a universal UV printer. What materials can UV Wall printers print on? In theory, UV wall printers…

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Inside the wall printer factory

Inside The Factory of Wall Printer Machine

#ChineseWallpen is the most professional manufacturer of #wallprinter in the world. We have been developing inkjet technology since 2008. Now, we have 8 models of wall printer, if you want to learn more details about our wall printer, please contact us. We specialized in #verticalinkjetprinter.

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Everything you should know about our wall printer

Everything You Should Know About Wall Printer

This article is provided by our engineer Adam. Now, He is working for DXonJet Printer Company, which is the most professional manufacturer of wall printer in China. We sell wall printer overseas. I have been developing and producing wall printers since 2011. I have witnessed the scale of this industry growing from small to large,…

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How to operate your wall printer

How to Pack & Unpack & Assemble and Operate Wall Printer?

Packing 6 wall printers in our factory and send to our clients. Unpacking and assemble 3 of them in the U.S. The unpacking video is taken by our US dealer@The Wall Printer: https://thewallprinter.com This video also shows how to operate your wall printing machine at the first beginning when you received your first wall printer…

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Four printheads

Lies of Wall Printer Machine

Many wall printer companies claim that they have two printheads or four printheads. In fact, not many companies have this technology. How to tell the lie of the wall printer multi-nozzle? Very simple, if you can choose to control the parameters of each print head in the software of the wall printer, then it has…

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